Q: What is the Franchise License Fee? Length of term and can it be financed?
A: The License Fee is $35,000 USD for a 5 year term. Renewal is offered at 50% of the original license entry fee. This cannot be financed by Engel & Völkers California, however there are third party financial institutes that can help you finance your project. Once your franchisee Questionnaire has been submitted we can then give you guidance in the best way to move you forward.

Q: What is the Royalty payment?
A: Franchisees pay a royalty by paying a percentage of the gross commission on each transaction. The royalty structure for Engel & Völkers is based as follows; 7.5 % of the gross commission on each transaction. (6% for Royalty / 1.5% for Marketing Fund)

Q: What kind of training does Engel & Völkers offer:
A: Our training is second to none! It starts with the 16 day franchisee Training which is broken up into 3 sessions. Part 1 is 6 days and takes place at our company HQ in Hamburg, Germany. Part 2 is 6 days held in the USA, either in CA, FL or NY. Part 3 is held in your shop or at the MLP office in Los Angeles. “Ready to Sell” for Agents is a 4 day class held locally or available in NY or FL. Please contact your Expansion Manager for training costs, schedule and dates.

Q: How do I select my property shop location and how soon must it be open?
A: The Expansion Manager and Head of Real Estate are available to assist you. You will have up to 6 months after signing the franchisee Agreement before the shop must be open.

Q: Can Engel & Völkers provide me with international and local leads?
A: Although we cannot guarantee you any leads; as a Licensed Partner you are eligible to send and receive referrals from other shops worldwide. With over 540 Franchisees in 32 countries, the Engel & Völkers referral network includes private buyers and sellers as well as international investments.

Q: What if I run into problems?
A: As a franchisee of Engel & Völkers you have access to a local support team; the Expansion Manager, the Head of Real Estate and your Relationship Manager. Our USA Headquarters in New York along with home office in Germany also offer support.

Q: What if I decide to sell my business?
A: As a franchisee you posses a valuable asset that is subject to your performance. In the event that you choose to sell your business Engel & Völkers - California can assist you in the re-sale process.

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